How Can I Help?

So many of you have been contacting the Sunshine Coast Community Task Force and the Flatten the Curve facebook page asking how you can help others during the COVID-19 crisis. What a great community we live in!

The Sunshine Coast Resource Centre is putting together a list of volunteer positions. The list is currently quite short, and they invite local non-profit organizations to contact the Resource Centre to have your volunteer positions listed in this directory. We know there are many more needs than this short list indicates. It’s just a matter of collecting the information.

We expect to soon post a form here on the Task Force website that lets those of you who want to volunteer tell us about yourself and your interests and we’ll help match you to a suitable volunteer position.

Meantime, if you wish to support seniors in particular, you can fill out this form at Safe Seniors, Strong Communities.

There is also an opportunity to volunteer for the Sechelt Business Watch Program. Click the poster to the right for more information.

You might also try emailing us at the Sunshine Coast Community Task Force or contacting Sunshine Coast Community Services.